Birds Nest (1)
Birds Nest (2)
I created a series of Birds Nests to address the meaning of the word nesting. Each nest address a different issue of nesting such as global warming, birth, rebirth, fertility and family. The nests are made of polyurethane tubing and vary in color. Each one lights up the egg sitting in the nest.
During the summer of 2008, the BRC Post Office theatre group was seeking a light sculpture to redesign the signage and sculpture of their facade. They asked Kiri Bermack to submit a proposal for their performance at the 2008 Burning Man Arts Festival. The top two examples depict their old facade and on the bottom are examples of the new light sculptures.
The BRC Post Office theatre group used neon technology for their signage and facade. Instead of using neon, Kiri used both LED and electroluminescent (EL) technology. The one on the left shows the plexiglass, aluminum base and the one on the right shows the plexiglass aluminum base with illuminated industrial hosing.

The sculpture above addresses the theme of universal peace. This sculpture consists of many objects of war and peace. Due to the composition and nature of the sculpture, the objects of war are transformed into objects of peace. These objects emit a feeling of wholeness and tranquility that represent world peace.

Man made objects such as a grenade, bullet, sword and green helmet symbolize elements of war and battle. By contrast, the ring and paper clips represent objects of peace. It includes a friendship ring that exudes tranquility. Just as the Swedes wore paper clips on their clothes as an act of Nazi protest, these clips also depict symbols of universal peace.

This sculpture also mimics the calm feelings of Crystal Cave which is located in Sequoia National Park. It emits light similar to the calcite formations which are found in the park. The man made or found objects are cast in translucent resin in order to imitate the feeling of the crystals.

Crystal Cave, Sequoia National Park would be an ideal place to build this sculpture because the marble cave has calcite formations. Because of these formations, people have been known to visit these caves for its beauty and spirit and they appear to exit the caves with a feeling of renewal.

Sculpture Center Proposal (PDF)